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One of my hobbies is woodworking. Below are some of the projects that I have completed. Click on each picture for a full-size photo view.

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Furniture Items
Walnut and Hickory Bed 1 Walnut and Hickory Bed 2 Walnut and Hickory Bed 3 Walnut and Hickory Bed 4" King-size Bed Frame

Wood: Walnut and Hickory
Finish: Natural. Arm-R-Seal urethane topcoat.
Plan:  Adapted from WOOD Magazine May 2013 plans

Nightstands 1 Nightstand 2 Nightstand 3 Nightstands

Wood: Cherry with Poplar drawers
Finish: General Finishes "Java" Gel stain. Arm-R-Seal urethane topcoat.
Plan:  Own design adapted to match existing furniture

Armoire Armoire Armoire Armoire

Wood: Wormy Maple, Birch plywood door panels and backing. Purchased maple crown molding.
Finish: Natural. Lacquer topcoat
Notes: Adjustable shelves. Note the figured wormy drawer fronts.
Plan:  Adapted from a 2x4 Furniture book

Blanket Chest Blanket Chest Blanket Chest Blanket Chest Blanket Chest

Wood: Wormy Maple
Finish: Natural. Lacquer topcoat
Notes: This matches the armoire above.
Plan:  WOOD Magazine, Oct 2000


Media Cabinet Media Cabinet Media Cabinet Media Cabinet

Wood: Cherry with Curly Cherry top and door panel
Finish: Boiled Linseed Oil with Polyurethane topcoat
Notes: 17"l x 17"w x 26"h
Plan:  WOOD Magazine, Apr 1994

Oval Cherry Table Oval Cherry Table Oval Table

Wood: Cherry with Curly Cherry Top
Finish: Polyurethane
Notes: 26"l x 18"w x 30"h
Plan:  WOOD Magazine, Feb 2001

Household & Misc
Walnut Spice Rack Walnut Spice Rack Spice Cabinet

Wood: Walnut
Finish: Arm-R-Seal Polyurethane
Notes: 16"l x 4"w x 15"h
Plan:  WOOD Magazine #158, Oct 2004

Jewelry Chest Jewelry Chest

Wood: Mahogany with Birdseye Maple Drawer fronts
Finish: BLO with Poly topcoat
Notes: 9 1/2"l x 6"w x 15"h
Plan:  Woodsmith #144, Dec 2002

  CD Holders CD Holders

Wood: Oak
Finish: Minwax Provincial. Deft lacquer topcoat
Notes: Each holder is approx 12"h x 6"w x 6"l
Plan:  Weekend Woodworking Projects

TV/VCR Cart  TV/VCR Cart TV/VCR Cart TV/VCR Carts

Wood: 3/4" birch/maple plywood
Finish: Shellac; polyurethane; milk paint 
Notes: These carts were made for the Trinity Christian Academy classrooms. 
Plan:  Own design based on teacher input and needs


PorchSwing Porch Swing

Wood: Cypress
Finish: Outdoor Deck Stain
Plan:  New Yankee Workshop

Adirondack Chair  Adirondack Chair Adirondack Chair

Wood: Cypress
Finish: Outdoor Polyurethane
Plan:  New Yankee Workshop


Sushi Board Sushi Board Sushi Serving Board

Wood: Bird's Eye Maple, Mahogany, Walnut
Finish: Salad Bowl Finish
Notes: 14" x 7-1/2" x 2"
Plan:  My Own Design

Pig Bench Pig Bench

Wood: Plywood
Finish: Painted
Notes: Approx. 32"l x 11"w x 18"h
Plan:  {C}Meisel Wood Hobby

 Cutting Board 2 Cutting Board 3.jpg (199473 bytes) Cutting Board 1 Cutting Board 5 Cutting Board 4 Cutting Board CuttingBoard Cutting Boards

Wood: Various: Maple, Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry, Birch, Oak
Finish: Mineral Oil

Corner Cabinet Corner Cabinet Corner Bathroom Cabinet

Wood: Plywood, MDF
Finish: Painted
Notes: 3' tall x 12" x12" with adjustable shelves
Plan:  Customer request


Kids Stuff
Giraffe Bank 1 Giraffe Bank 2 Giraffe Bank

Wood: 3/4" MDF and plywood
Finish: Painted 
Notes: Approx 6"x15"
Plan:  WOOD Magazine

Block Wagon Block Wagon

Wood: Walnut, Maple, Cherry
Finish: Natural. Food-safe finish topcoat
Notes: Approx. 12"l x 10"w x 3"h
Plan: New Yankee Workshop   

golf1.JPG (114857 bytes) golf2.JPG (122277 bytes) Golf Cart

Wood: Poplar
Finish: Natural. Lacquer topcoat
Notes: Approx. 9"l x 6"w x 7"h
Plan:  {C}Wildwood Designs

Hot Wheels Semi Hot Wheels Semi Hot Wheels Semi-Truck

Wood: Maple
Finish: Natural. Lacquer topcoat
Plan:  WOOD Magazine

Train Train WOOD Express Train

Wood: Poplar, Cherry, Ash
Finish: Natural. Deft lacquer topcoat
Notes: Each car is approx 9"l x 3"w
Plan:  WOOD Magazine Plan

Pine Dump Truck Dump Truck

Wood: Pine
Finish: Natural. Deft lacquer topcoat
Notes: This was a prototype for another that was made out of cherry and poplar. Size approx 9"l x 5"w
Plan:  WOOD Magazine

Freedom Pens Freedom Pens

Pentagon Elm Pens Redbud Burl and Mahogany

Freedom Pens

Wood: Various: Cherry, Maple, Oak, Hickory, Walnut, Mahogany, Redbud Burl, Pentagon Elm 
Finish: Friction Polish
Notes: Many of these pens were made in support of the Freedom Pens Project and will be sent to the troops in Iraq. To learn more or to support this program visit www.FreedomPens.org.Others were given as gifts.

Baby Rattle - Maple and Walnut Rattle - Maple and Cherry 
Rattle - Maple and Walnut
Baby Rattles

Wood: Maple and Walnut; Maple and Cherry
Finish: Salad Bowl Finish
Notes: Little bells are inside to make the "rattle" sound. Size: 6" x 1-3/4"

Cherry Platter Cherry Platter

Wood: Cherry
Finish: Danish Oil, Wax
Notes: Approx 9" round by 1" tall

Hickory Bowl Hickory Bowl Hickory Bowl Hickory Natural Edge Bowl

Wood: Hickory
Finish: Danish Oil, Wax
Notes: Approx 6" round by 2.5" tall

Stein Stein Stein

Wood: Maple, cherry, walnut, oak
Finish: Epoxy
Notes: Approx 6" tall by 3.5" round

Spalted Beech Vase Spalted Beech Vase Vase

Wood: Spalted Beech
Finish: Buffed wax
Notes: 8" tall by 3.5" round

Wood Flag US Flag - Intarsia

Wood: 1/4" birch plywood with 1/8" backer
Finish: Painted
Notes: Approx 10"x15"
Plan:  WOOD Magazine, Feb 2002

Scrollsawn Bird Puzzle Scrollsawn Bird Puzzle

Wood: 3/4" pine with maple base
Finish: Dyed various colors 
Notes: Approx 5"x18"
Plan:  WOOD Magazine, Dec 1999

Shield - AF Shield - JROTC Shield - JROTC Shield - Marine Corps, Item #M395 Marine Corps Shield, Item #M391 Military Emblems

Wood: 1/4 birch plywood
Finish: Light color: Minwax Puritan Pine stain.
Dark color: Minwax Provincial stain.
Background: Colored flocking - Cobalt Blue, Denim Blue or Red
Notes: Diameter: 9 1/2". Each ring is raised 1/8"  above the outer ring.
Plan:  "Scroll Saw Military Designs" by Mike and Vicky Lewis


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