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Welcome to our family tree.� We currently have over 5500 names between both sides of our family and they are listed here.� All the pages display in Family Group Sheet format making it easier to print a particular page for your own use if you like. The RootsWeb site gives you more graphical report options but is the same information. Check them both out to see what works best for you.

I owe much appreciation to the family members that had already completed and published family trees and to those that shared their electronic copy with me. � Without them this would only be a young sapling, not the old-growth forest that it's developing into.

Much of this information is considered "unverified" as I don't have hard evidence (copies of certificates, etc) in my possession to prove many of these dates, names, and places.� If you know of any corrections, updates, or new submissions, please let me know.

In an attempt to protect people's privacy, the family file was "cleaned" using GedPrivy. Dates of living people have been marked as "private" to keep some sensitive information unavailable to those that might otherwise exploit it. If you would like to share your concerns or comments please contact me.

If you would like share information about some of our family lines, please email us.�

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